Public Information

The Office of the City Secretary is responsible for the care and maintenance of all City of Brenham records. We house all legal transactions, City Council minutes, agendas, deeds, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and a vast array of other historical and regulatory information. The City Secretary is designated as the City's Records Management Officer by both state law and City ordinance.

All open records requests for the City of Brenham are processed by the City Secretary's Office. This includes records pertaining to City Council, Administration, Utilities, Public Works, Community and Development Services, Finance, Human Resources, etc., as well as, the Police and Fire Departments.

NOTE: All Washington County Sheriff's department, Dispatch/9-1-1, and EMS records must be obtained from Washington County (979-277-6200).

All requests for public information are treated uniformly and are processed according to the regulations set forth by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Attorney General's Office. Once the written request is received, the Office of the City Secretary, with assistance from the City Attorney's Office, determines whether or not the requested information can be released. If the requested information is public, the information will be processed within ten (10) business days. If the requested information is NOT public, the City Secretary's Office will notify the requestor, in writing, within ten (10) business days.

Important Tips for Requestors:

  • All requests for public information must be in writing and must request information already in existence as we are not required to create new information, do legal research, or answer questions.
  • Some requested information is confidential and must either be redacted or the City must request a ruling from the Texas Attorney General's Office before releasing. Click here for a listing of information that must be redacted.
  • Some requests will incur costs, but the requestor will receive and agree to these estimated charges before the request can be processed. Click here for an example of an itemized statement of charges.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page

To submit an open records request, you may hand-deliver or mail a completed request form to:

City of Brenham
Office of the City Secretary
200 W. Vulcan St., Ste. 202
Brenham, TX 77833 
City of Brenham
Office of the City Secretary
P.O. Box 1059
Brenham, TX 77834-1059 

If you wish to submit a request via fax or email, please direct the communication to the City Secretary's Office as follows:



The City of Brenham is subject to the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act. As required by the Texas Government Code, this Public Information Act sign is displayed where it is plainly visible to members of the public requesting information (City Hall - 200 W. Vulcan St., outside Ste. 202).

Additional resources for Public Information:

  • Texas Attorney General's Website: www.oag.state.tx.us
  • Open Government Hotline: 512-478-OPEN (6736) or Toll-free at 877-OPEN TEX (673-6839)