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Yearly Water System Maintenance Starts August 1 - 30

The City of Brenham's Water Department will be conducting the yearly distribution system chlorine maintenance from August 1 - August 30, 2019. The routine maintenance is designed to keep the water supply clean and minimize the potential for the occurrence of harmful bacteria.

Matthew Monfreda, the City’s Water System Superintendent says, "Although there are no indications of bacteriological contamination in our water system, we use this maintenance period to prevent the formation of nitrifying bacteria and biofilm." He continues, "During this time, the water disinfection process will be changed from chloramines to free chlorine, which is a stronger and faster-acting disinfectant."

Customers may notice the following during this changeover:

  • Open fire hydrants throughout the city to allow flushing of the system. After flushing, the standard process for disinfection will be reintroduced and the system will return to normal operating conditions
  • Temporary discoloration or cloudiness in the water and/or a possible chlorine odor and taste. If this occurs, simply run the water through the tap until it clears
  • Minor pressure fluctuations and small air pockets

The water is safe to drink throughout the system maintenance. Any odor and color changes will subside as the flushing is complete.

For patients that use tap water at home for kidney dialysis, it is recommended they contact their doctor to see if any changes are necessary for their residual disinfectant neutralization procedures. For customers using tap water for aquariums, it is recommended they monitor chlorine residuals.

For questions or more information during regular business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, citizens may contact Matthew Mondreda at 979-337-7434.

The City appreciates the patience and understanding of citizens during this yearly water system maintenance.

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