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What is the Drainage Utility Charge?

buildings-infographic-drainage-fee This graphic contains text that is included in the FAQ's on the page. It quickly explains the charge, who pays for it, and directs viewers to the drainage page for more information.

The Drainage Utility Charge is for (and can only be used for) drainage projects or drainage maintenance. multiple projects have been identified as needing improvements and maintenances of more than $4 million. These projects can be seen below.

Map of proposed projects

Why is a Drainage Utility Charge needed?

The city has been setting aside about $300,000 a year for different maintenance tasks for drainage, however, there are many areas in town that are prone to flooding and as development (and impervious cover) continues, additional areas will need to be addressed. This charge will bring in about $660,000 a year to cover maintenance and pay for the more than $4 million in drainage projects listed above.

What will my charge be?

Residents will be charged a flat $3.75 drainage charge. This flat charge is 1 Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) and is equal to 2,685 square feet of impervious cover. Non-residential property owners will be assessed a fee from 4 tiers based on the amount of property covered with impervious material. To view what fee your property will be assessed, you can check our non-residential property map (coming later this year). 


* 1 ERU = 2,685 sf impervious area

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's document

What is a Drainage Utility Charge?

Why does the City want to impose a Drainage Utility Charge?

What is meant by "drainage"?

Why do I have to pay this charge?

How is the Drainage Utility Charge determined?

What is impervious cover?

How does the City know how much impervious cover is on my property?

Are there any properties exempt from the Drainage Utility Charge?

When will the charge be in effect?

Where is the money going?

How is the ERU calculated for Non-Residential property?

What can I do to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff

Is the Drainage Utility Charge assessed on unoccupied properties?

What if I want to appeal?

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