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All officers are certified by TCOLE and receive continuing education and training on a regular basis. Officers may also serve in specialized units, including Traffic Enforcement, Bike Patrol, SWAT Team, Hostage Negotiation Team, Public Integrity, K9 Unit, and Community Affairs.

Administrative Services Division
Dant LangeCaptain - Dant Lange
Consists of the captain, PIO, community services officer, School Resource Officers, Animal Control, Professional Standards sergeant and Property/Evidence Technician. Community Services Officer is a liaison between the Department and the community and oversees community-related programs, including the Citizens Police Academy, the Citizens on Patrol as well as many others. The Office of Public Integrity is tasked with Texas Best Practices Program investigation of citizens concern of police action, training, recruiting, and retention of officers.

Operations Division
Lloyd PowellCaptain Lloyd Powell

Uniformed Services
Consists of 2 lieutenants, 4 sergeants, 16 patrol officers, 2 K9 officers, and 2 traffic officers. Uniformed Services is supervised by the Operations Division Captian.

Criminal Investigation
Consists of a sergeant and 4 detectives and is supervised by the Operations Division Captain. This division is responsible for the investigation and/or follow up investigation of offenses reported to the Brenham Police Department. Criminal Investigations also works with local businesses to develop strategies to reduce robbery, burglary, forgery, and theft.

Crime Reduction Unit-Narcotics Investigation
CRU-Narcotics Investigation targets narcotics and habitual offenders and consists of a sergeant and 2 detectives.

Consists of a combination of departmental membership that receives constant training in tactical situations.