Henderson Park

Henderson Park - 804 Old N. Market Street

Henderson Park Map

Henderson Park enjoys a prominent status in the community for the events that have been held prior to and following desegregation. The site for Henderson Park was originally called "North End Park" and later renamed in honor of Mr. Ed "Daddy Ed" Henderson who was a long time resident of the City.

Mr. Henderson originally owned the land and later sold it to the City of Brenham in segments to form the basis for the park as we know it today.
Henderson Park Picture

Prior to selling the land, Mr. Henderson originally planted and harvested corn and cotton on the property. He later planted pecan trees from which he sold the annual crop; the trees that remain are a prominent element of the park today.

Beginning in the 1880s the Juneteenth celebration was regularly held in Brenham at Henderson Park. The Park was once home to a large pavilion that hosted dances featuring legendary musicians such as B.B. King and his guitar Lucile, Joe Turner, and Little Richard. The park was also home to all of the athletic events for the Black community and host to a semi-professional baseball team. Amenities at Henderson Park include the following:

  • Henderson Baseball Field
  • Fink Softball Field
  • Korthauer Softball Fields
  • Playground Areas
  • Kitchen w/ Open Air Canopy
  • Basketball Court
  • Picnic Areas
  • Fighter Jet Memorial



Henderson Park is located just blocks away from Downtown Brenham across the street from Fireman's Park. This 22 acre Park has played a significant role of the parks in Brenham history and is also apart of our 2-mile Hike n' Bike Trail. The kitchen, as well as the fields at Henderson Park, can be rented for parties, events, and tournaments by calling the City of Brenham at (979) 337-7250; view our kitchen rental policies and athletic field information for terms and conditions as well as prices for reserving our facilities.

Vietnam Fighter Jet Memorial

In October 2018, The Washington County Veterans Association (WCVA) installed the F-111A Fighter Jet shown above. This aircraft serves as a memorial to the ten men who sacrificed their lives so that their comrades could finally return home to their families. It also serves as a reminder that freedom is not free, but is paid for by the sacrifices of our service men and women who willingly stand between us and those who would do us harm.

The memorial was paid for by a fundraising campaign by the WCVA.
Additional details about the F-111A fighter jet can be found at the National Museum of the US Air Force.

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