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Safety Tip
Cool a burn with plain cold tap water then apply ice. Never apply greasy or oil-based products to a burn as these will have to be scrubbed off if the burn requires medical attention. Always check bath water for children to make sure it's not too hot. Set your water heater to no more than 100 degrees. Take burns seriously, especially when children are involved. What seems like a minor burn may actually develop into a serious medical condition. Seek medical attention if the skin is blistered or peeled. 

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The members of the Brenham Fire Department are proud to serve this community. We are fortunate to have some of the most talented individuals in the fire service working here. We are a combination department and our volunteers bring a level of commitment and support of which we could not do without.

We value the history and tradition of the Brenham Fire Department, an organization built upon the strong shoulders of our past leadership and our current members.

Without them, we could not tackle the challenges of the future.

Mission Statement
The members of the Brenham Fire Department proudly dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of fire protection, fire prevention and quality service possible to the customers we serve.

Call Volume Report
Below is our call volume report that breaks out the number of fire dispatched calls. This is updated annually.

City County Fire incidents chart - 2007-2018- chart shows number of calls for City, County, and Totals for each year.
2007: 447 total, 359 city, 88 county. 
2008: 409 total, 328 city, 81 county. 
2009: 404 total, 318 city, 86 county. 
2010: 446 total, 361 city, 85 county. 
2011: 588 total, 462 city, 126 county. 
2012: 583 total, 491 city, 112 county. 
2013: 560 total, 416 city, 144 county. 
2014: 626 total, 498 city, 128 county. 
2015: 744 total, 624 city, 120 county. 
2016: 726 total, 622 city, 104 county. 
2017: 717 total, 586 city, 131 county. 
2018: 854 total, 711 city, 143 county.