Planning & Zoning Commission

Link: Development Services

The term of Office: Two Years
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 4th Monday, 5:15 p.m. | 2020 Schedule

Staff Liaison: Kim Hodde


Commission Members

Term Expires December 31

1 Keith Behrens 2019
2 Marc Wamble 2020
3 Nancy Low 2019
4 Leroy Jefferson 2020
5 Deanna Alfred 2019
6 Calvin Kossie 2020
7 Lynnette Sheffield 2020

The Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) fulfills those planning and zoning responsibilities delegated to it by the City Council.

Seven (7) members are appointed by the City Council to serve two-year staggered terms. The City Manager appoints a staff member to provide support to the Board; to appear on behalf of City Council at all public hearings; to establish administrative procedures, and maintain all records of the Board.

As provided by the laws of the State of Texas and ordinances of the City of Brenham, the P&Z: approves or disapproves land subdivision plat or re-plats; vacates plats or re-plats; holds public hearings and makes recommendations to the City Council relative to creation, amendment and implementation of zoning regulations, use classifications and districts; recommends to the City Council plans, programs, policies related to future growth and development of the city; and performs other duties and responsibilities as may be referred to the P&Z by the City Council.


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