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Planning & Zoning Commission

Link: Development Services

The term of Office: Three Years
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 4th Monday, 5:15 p.m. | 2022 Schedule

Staff Liaison: Kim Hodde


Commission Members

Term Expires December 31

1 M. Keith Behrens 2022
2 Marcus Wamble 2022
3 Cayte Neil 2023
4 Artis Edwards, Jr. 2023
5 Dr. Deanna Alfred 2022
6 Calvin Kossie 2022
7 Christopher Cangelosi 2023

The Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) fulfills those planning and zoning responsibilities delegated to it by the City Council.

The Commission is charged with approval or disapproval of subdivision of land Plats, holds public hearings on changes to the Zoning Ordinance or Zoning Map, and makes recommendations to Council on zoning amendments, special exceptions, subdivision variances, and long-range plans such as the Comprehensive Plan.

Seven (7) members are appointed by the City Council to serve three-year staggered terms. The City Manager appoints a staff member to provide support to the Board; to appear on behalf of City Council at all public hearings; to establish administrative procedures, and maintain all records of the Board.

As provided by the laws of the State of Texas and ordinances of the City of Brenham, the P&Z: approves or disapproves land subdivision plat or re-plats; vacates plats or re-plats; holds public hearings and makes recommendations to the City Council relative to creation, amendment and implementation of zoning regulations, use classifications and districts; recommends to the City Council plans, programs, policies related to future growth and development of the city; and performs other duties and responsibilities as may be referred to the P&Z by the City Council.


06/27/22 Cancelled Meeting   Agenda   Packet    
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06/28/21 Special Joint Meeting with Main Street Board   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
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05/14/21   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
03/22/21   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
02/26/21   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
02/02/21 Meeting Cancelled   Agenda      
01/25/21 Meeting Cancelled   Agenda      

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03/18/19 Special Meeting   Agenda     Minutes  
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01/28/19 Workshop     Packet   Minutes  
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12/17/18       Minutes  
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