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Building Standards Commission

The term of Office: Three years
Meeting Schedule: As Needed
Responsible Staff: Allan Jacobs, David Doelitsch

Position Board Members Term Expires December 31
1 Arlen Thielemann 2023
2 Walt Edmunds 2023
3 Paul Pomeroy 2022
4 Stoney Lacina 2023
5 Lloyd Pieper 2022

The Building Standards Commission fulfills in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and the Code of Ordinances of the City of Brenham those responsibilities so delegated to it by the City Council.

Under the authority of Chapter - 6, Buildings and Structures of the City of Brenham Code of Ordinances Commissioners are charged with enforcement of the City’s adopted property maintenance regulations.  Cases considered by the Commission are often in need of repair, dilapidated or abandoned. 

Five (5) members, who are residents of the City of Brenham, are appointed by the City Council for a period of three (3) year terms, or until their successors are appointed. As near as practical, the members shall be qualified in one or more of the fields of fire prevention, building construction, sanitation, health, and public safety. The Fire Marshal, Building Inspector, and Chief Sanitary Officer of the City of Brenham shall be ex officio, non-voting members of this Commission. These ex officio members will present reports of inspections of buildings and structures reported to be or believed to be substandard.

The Building Standards Commission may establish rules and regulations for its own procedure, but not inconsistent with the provisions of the City of Brenham Code of Ordinances.