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Brenham Community Development Corporation

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The term of Office: Two years
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly, 3rd Thursday of 1st Month in Quarter at 7:30 a.m.
Staff Liaisons: Jeana Bellinger

Position Board Members Term Expires December 31
1 John Hasskarl 2023
2 Darrell Blum 2023
3 Ken Miller 2023
4 Charles Moser 2023
5 Gary Crocker 2022
6 Bill Betts 2022
7 Jim Kolkhorst 2022

The Brenham Community Development Corporation (BCDC) promotes economic and community development within the city and on behalf of the city by developing, implementing, providing, and financing projects as defined in Section 4B of the Development Corporation Act (Article 5190.6 V.T.C.S.).

The business of the BCDC is managed by a Board of Directors composed of seven (7) members, appointed to three-year staggered terms by City Council.  All three-year terms expire in December of the appropriate year.  At least four (4) members must reside within the City of Brenham.  Not less than three (3) members of this Board of Directors shall be persons who are not employees, officers or members of the governing body of the City of Brenham.

The BCDC has all the powers, both express and implied, granted to corporations governed by Section 4B of the Development Corporation Act (Article 5190.6 V.T.C.S.) and by the Texas Non-profit Corporation Act. The Corporation is operated according to its own Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

The BCDC Board develops a budget each year based on sales tax projections. The City collects a local sales tax of 1.5 cents; of that amount, 3/8 (.375) of 1 cent is dedicated to BCDC activities. Historically, the BCDC has allocated 35% of its funds to economic development activities and 65% to community recreation projects.


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