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Board Member Selection Process

On or before September 1st the City Secretary shall mail to each eligible board member, with an expiring term, a letter and application requesting their intent to serve another term. All application for reappointment will be due on October 1st.

The City Secretary will also post information on the city's official bulletin board and the website pertaining to any openings on all Boards and Commissions beginning September 1st.

The City Secretary will receive the Applications for Appointment for submission to a Council Subcommittee.

The Council Subcommittee will review all applications. If the Subcommittee wishes to interview any of the applicants, the City Secretary will contact the member(s) and arrange a time and place for an interview. The Subcommittee will provide Council a report of all applications received.

At the first council meeting in December, the Subcommittee will make a recommendation of Board and Commission appointments to the City Council. The Subcommittee shall also provide the Council with copies of the recommended member's applications.

The City Council will appoint members to the Boards and Commissions at the second meeting in December. In the event that appointments are not made at this meeting, members will continue to serve until their successor is appointed by Council.

The next business day, after the City Council makes the appointments, the City Secretary shall prepare and mail letters to each person appointed to a board and to each applicant not selected for service.

Appointment letters shall state the name of the board the member has been appointed to, the term of service, and Council's appreciation for their service to the citizens of Brenham.