Animal Services Advisory Board

Link: Animal Services | Pet Adoption

The term of Office: Two years
Meeting Schedule: As Needed
Responsible for Board:  

Position Board Members Term Expires December 31
1 Dr. Lee Panko 2020
2 Susan Cantey 2020
3 Alison Harper 2020
4 Robert Davis 2019
5 Jerry Jares 2020
6 Phyllis McMahon 2019
7 Sally Blackie-Sengel 2019

The Animal Shelter Advisory Committee is authorized under Section 823.005 of the Health and Safety Code. The purpose and responsibility of the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • To review and recommend procedures for the care and maintenance of the animal shelter facility and impounded animals to ensure compliance with state law, and
  • To periodically review the City’s animal control ordinances and make recommendations to Council for revisions needed.

At least five (5) members who reside in Washington County are appointed to two-year terms by the City Council. All terms expire in December of the appropriate calendar year. As outlined by State law, the Committee must be comprised of at least one (1) licensed veterinarian, one (1) county or municipal official, one (1) person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, one (1) representative from an animal welfare organization, and one (1) citizen.

The Committee’s authority is advisory and all actions taken will be presented to the City Council for approval before any action.


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05/17/19   Agenda   Packet   Minutes