Airport Advisory Board

Link: Brenham Municipal Airport

The term of Office: Two years
Meeting Schedule: As Needed
Responsible for Board: Kim Hodde

Position Board Members Term Expires December 31
1 Brent Nedbalek 2020
2 Michele Bright 2019
3 Janet Hess 2020
4 Bryan Butler 2020
5 Edwin Owens 2019
6 Jon Hodde 2020
7 Mark Whitehead 2020
8 Pat Elliott 2019
9 Eddie Van Dyke 2020

The Board assists the City of Brenham and the Fixed Base Operator in the planning and operation of the Brenham Municipal Airport and review and monitors existing operations and considers ways to improve the facilities and services.

At least nine (9) members who reside in Washington County are appointed to staggered two-year terms by the City Council. All two-year terms expire in December of the appropriate calendar year. The City Engineer or some other city official may be designated by the City Manager as an ex-officio member.

The Board's authority is advisory and all actions taken will be presented to the City Council for approval before any action.


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